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Justin Parrott's Collection

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
202040 Hadith on Good CharacterParrott, Justin
202140 Hadith on KnowledgeParrott, Justin
15-Nov-2018Abrogated Rulings in the Qur'an: Discerning their Divine WisdomParrott, Justin
14-Jul-2021Age of Consent in Classical Islamic LawParrott, Justin
9-Mar-2017Al-Ghazali and the Golden Rule: Ethics of Reciprocity in the Works of a Muslim SageParrott, Justin
3-Jul-2019Can a "good Muslim" be a "bad person"?Parrott, Justin
27-Feb-2017The Case for Allah’s Existence in the Quran and SunnahParrott, Justin
24-Nov-2020Does That Apply to Non-Muslims, Too?Parrott, Justin
Apr-2021A Du’a a Day: Prophetic Prayers for RamadanParrott, Justin; Wyatt, Tahir; Jahangir, Yousaf
18-Sep-2021Faith in the Unseen: How we know Allah is Lord of creationParrott, Justin
14-May-2018Finding Truth in the Age of Misinformation: Information Literacy in IslamParrott, Justin
12-Sep-2016Global Strategy for Technical ServicesParrott, Justin
11-Apr-2018The Golden Rule in Islam: Ethics of Reciprocity in Islamic TraditionsParrott, Justin
16-Jul-2018The Guiding Principles of Faith: Sincerity, Honesty, and Good Will in IslamParrott, Justin
23-May-2019Have the peaceful verses of the Quran been abrogated?Parrott, Justin
9-Jul-2020Heavenly Affection: Living the Love of Al-WadūdParrott, Justin
8-Mar-2024How Does Ramadan Work? A Beginner’s GuideParrott, Justin
21-Nov-2017How to be a Mindful Muslim: An Exercise in Islamic MeditationParrott, Justin
24-Dec-2018Jesus: A Foundation for Dialogue Between Muslims and ChristiansParrott, Justin
15-May-2020Jihad in Islam: Just-war theory in the Quran and SunnahParrott, Justin