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Jesus: A Foundation for Dialogue Between Muslims and Christians

Authors: Parrott, Justin
Keywords: Islam, Christianity, Jesus, Interfaith Dialogue, Golden Rule
Issue Date: 24-Dec-2018
Publisher: Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research
Abstract: Jesus Christ, the Messiah, is the central focus of Christianity, the largest religious group in the world. Jesus (upon him be peace) is also considered a prophet in Islam and one of the great messengers of Allah. Common ground between Muslims and Christians can be built upon shared themes in the theological, moral, and narrative elements of Jesus’ life. This article outlines these significant elements: love for God and neighbor; the roles of Zechariah, John the Baptist, and the Virgin Mary; the unique designation of Messiah; the final moments of Jesus’ life; and his return before the end of time. The aim is to give Muslims a knowledge base from which to dialogue effectively with Christians. At the same time, this article highlights important areas of disagreement between Islam and Christianity regarding doctrines of salvation and Jesus’ divinity.
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