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Excavations at Trimithis (mod. Amheida), 2015 field season: Preliminary Report

Authors: Bagnall, Roger
Keywords: Ancient Egypt, Roman Egypt, Late Antique Egypt, Amheida, Trimithis, Archaeology, Early Christianity, Dakhla Oasis
Issue Date: Feb-2015
Abstract: The main body of work during the 2015 field season at Amheida took place in three areas, Area 4.1 (the Temple of Thoth), Area 8.1 (a large house), and Areas 2 and 8 (survey of rooms with painted plaster). Besides the excavation and survey, work continued on the arrangement of the decorated blocks from the temple in the magazine built for that purpose (see report on Egyptian epigraphy); on the decoration of the replica of the House of Serenos (Building 1) (see separate report below); and on the conservation and study of objects found in previous seasons, particularly the large hoard of tetradrachms excavated in 2012, of which conservation was completed. The unbaked clay coffins for sacred birds excavated in 2008 were conserved, and their contents (largely bones of birds) removed and studied. The archaeobotanist studied many samples of vegetable material collected in earlier seasons as well as the current one.
Rights: CC-BY 4.0
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