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The NYU Amheida Excavations

The Amheida project started at Columbia University in 2001. Since 2008, New York University is the primary sponsoring institution, with Columbia University continuing as a partner in the project. The Amheida Excavations collaborate with other participating groups in the Dakhleh Oasis Project, an international venture dedicated to studying the interaction between human settlement and the environment over the long span from the earliest human presence in the oasis to modern times. Amheida (ancient Trimithis: has remains spanning nearly three millennia, and paleolithic material is found along its fringes. The majority of the excavated material by Columbia and NYU, however, has been from the late Roman period, with significant finds from periods dating back to the New Kingdom and the Third Intermediate Period on the site of the main temple. The publications collected here relate primarily to the archaeology and history of Trimithis by members or affiliates of the Amheida Excavations team.

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