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Excavations at Trimithis (mod. Amheida), 2013 field season: preliminary report

Authors: Bagnall, Roger
Keywords: Ancient Egypt;Roman Egypt;Late Antique Egypt;Dakhla oasis;Amheida;Trimithis;Archaeology;Architecture;wall paintings;Early Christianity;Churches;Egyptian temples;Thoth;Egyptian religion;conservation;architectural replicas;didactics;numismatics;coins
Issue Date: Feb-2013
Abstract: The main body of work took place in three areas, Area 2.2 (Building 6, the large pillared hall and adjacent rooms), Area 2.3 (Building 7, the church partially excavated in 2012), and Area 4.1 (the Temple of Thoth). In addition, topographic survey continued in two areas of the site. Besides these activities, work continued on the arrangement of the decorated blocks from the temple in the magazine built for that purpose; on the decoration of the replica of the House of Serenos (Building 1); and on the conservation and study of object found in previous seasons, particularly the large hoard of tetradrachms excavated in 2012.
Rights: CC-BY 4.0
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