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Excavations at Trimithis (mod. Amheida), 2006 magnetic survey report

Authors: Smekalova, Tatyana
Smekalov, Sergej
Keywords: Amheida;Trimithis;Ancient Egypt;Roman Egypt;Late Antique Egypt;Archaeology;Magnetrometry;Electrical conductivity survey;‘Ain el-Gezzareen;‘Ain el-Gedida
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: An electrical conductivity and magnetic survey was carried out in January 2006 for 3 weeks on the site known as Amheida (number 33/390-L9-1 in the DOP index), or ancient Trimithis. Two days have been spent for the conductivity and magnetic measurements on the neighboring site ‘Ain el-Gezzareen to compare the results, obtained on both sites. A very short magnetic “free search” was performed on the site ‘Ain el-Gedida as well on the 1st of February. Magnetic survey has been used on different sites in Dakhlel Oasis in previous years (in 1998 on the site Ismant-el-Kharab (Roman town Kellis) and on the temple in ‘Ain-Birbiyeh; in 1999 and 2000 on the site ‘Ain-el-Gezzareen (Smekalova, 2002; Smekalova, Milns, Herbich, 2003). At Amheida a magnetic survey was carried out by the authors in 2000 and 2005. Conductivity survey proved to be an efficient method for the investigation of Amheida, to reveal an early structures. It was possible to find two pottery kilns of pre-Roman time on the area south-east of the Pyramid, close to the modern road.
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