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Excavations at Trimithis (mod. Amheida), 2022 field season: Preliminary Report (Arabic)

Authors: Bagnall, Roger
Ratzan, David
Barakat, Ashraf
Keywords: Ancient Egypt;Roman Egypt;Late Antique Egypt;Amheida;Trimithis;Archaeology;Conservation;Early Christianity;Churches
Issue Date: Mar-2022
Abstract: The 2022 study season at Amheida, which entailed the documentation, conservation, and study of finds discovered during previous excavations seasons, took place at the SCA magazine at Ismant and at the blockhouse at the site of Amheida. The conservation and documentation focused primarily on objects excavated in 2012 and 2013 in Area 2.3 (Building 7, a church), with some work at the SCA magazine also on finds from the 2010 season in Area 2.1 (Building 1, a fourth-century CE house), and photography of objects found in earlier excavation seasons from Areas 1.4 (a courtyard) and 4.1 (the temple hill). (Map 1)
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