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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-May-2009Abstracting Project Activities to Create Generalizable Processes and WorkflowsVinopal, Jennifer
7-May-2009Digital Video Standards for 'Performing Medieval Narrative Today: A Video Showcase'Vinopal, Jennifer
16-Mar-2010Enabling Innovation through Project ManagementVinopal, Jennifer
6-Nov-2014Getting an Earful: The Unexpected Services of a Digital Scholarship UnitCoble, Zach; McCormick, Monica; Vinopal, Jennifer
14-Oct-2008The Humanities Computing Center and Library Collaboration in New Scholarly Communication ProcessesVinopal, Jennifer
15-Nov-2012Introducing NYU to Digital Scholarship: A Faculty-Library PartnershipMcCormick, Monica; Smith, Annette; Vinopal, Jennifer
23-Mar-2013Introduction to Project Management for Libraries [Electronic Resources & Libraries, 2013]Vinopal, Jennifer
6-Aug-2013Introduction to Project Management for Libraries [for CLIR Fellows, 2013]Vinopal, Jennifer
17-Mar-2010Portfolio Management @ NYUVinopal, Jennifer
29-Jun-2012Project Portfolio Management for Academic Libraries: A Gentle IntroductionVinopal, Jennifer
29-Jun-2012Supporting Digital Humanities in the Library: Creating Sustainable and Scalable ServicesMcCormick, Monica; Vinopal, Jennifer
1-Jan-2013Supporting Digital Scholarship in Research Libraries: Scalability and SustainabilityVinopal, Jennifer; McCormick, Monica
11-Jun-2016Tech-ing to Transgress: Putting Values into Library PracticeVinopal, Jennifer
27-Nov-2008Using Confluence for Project Portfolio Management at New York UniversityVinopal, Jennifer
16-Mar-2010Using Discipline-Based Virtual Research Environments (VRE's) to Inform the Design of a Cross-Disciplinary, University-Wide Scholar's Portal Implementation @ NYUTempelman-Kluit, Nadaleen; Vinopal, Jennifer
Showing results 1 to 15 of 15