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Authors: Balasubramanian, P.
Isakowitz, Tomas
Johar, Hardeep
Stohr, Edward A.
Issue Date: Jan-1992
Publisher: Stern School of Business, New York University
Series/Report no.: IS-92-01
Abstract: In this paper we study the integration of Model Management and Hypertext systems to produce a Hyper Model Management System (HMMS). Model Management Systems constitute a class of software that is designed to support the construction, storage, retrieval, and use of models in the context of decision support systems (DSS). Hypertext systems allow users to split information into data fragments which the user cart browse to find information by taking non-linear paths in computer based texts. It has been suggested that DSSs should be conceived as environments which support decision making. We support the view that such environments can be readily provided for the subtask of model management by hypertext systems. The different kinds of model knowledge can be captured within different types of hypertext nodes and the relationships among these can be maintained by hypertext links. In this paper we describe some aspects of model management where hypertext will have a significant impact. However, plain hypertext is ineffective in dealing with the dynamic nature of information in model management tasks where data is revised, models executed, and reports are created on the fly. Dynamic domains require dynamic hypertexts. In this paper we also study the requirements for dynamic hypertexts. These can be satisfied within the class of generalized hypertext systems by using special hypertext nodes and links which we describe. We explore different architectures to integrate MMS and Hypertext systems to obtain HMMSs. This paper emphasizes the need for a shift to integrating Model Management and hypertext technologies.
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