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Hospitalized Children Navigating within a Computer Based Community: Participants’ Perspectives of Starbright World

Authors: Bearison David
Holden Gary
Rode Diane
Rosenberg Gary
Fishman Merri
Keywords: Starbright World;telehealth;telebehavioral health;qualitative;children;hospitalization
Issue Date: 1999
Citation: Bearison, D. J., Holden, G., Rode, D. & Rosenberg, G. (1999). Hospitalized children navigating within a computer based community: Participants’ perspectives of STARBRIGHT World. In W. Spitzer (Ed.), Proceedings from the Virginia Conference on Social Work Practice in Healthcare [p. 11-18].
Abstract: The use of technology in the delivery of social services is receiving increased attention in social work (e.g., Schopler, Abell, & Galinksy, 1998). Starbright World is a computer based network that links seriously ill, hospitalized children into a fully navigable interactive community. It presents a virtual reality play space in which children are able to explore and verbally and visually communicate with each other through the use of a representational avatar (i.e., an on screen character). Starbright World also allows children to interact with each other in real time via voice and video conferencing. The present study reports findings from a qualitative analysis of Starbright World.
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