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Gary Holden's Collection

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2007An assessment of the predictive validity of impact factor scores: Implications for academic employment decisions in social workHolden Gary, Rosenberg Gary; Barker Kathleen, Onghena Patrick
1-Oct-2007Bibliometrics: A potential decision making aid in hiring, reappointment, tenure and promotion decisionsHolden Gary; Rosenberg Gary; Barker Kathleen
1998Caretaker Expectations Regarding the Management of Pediatric Asthma Scale (CE)Holden Gary; Wade Shari; Mitchell Herman; Ewart Craig; Islam Shaheen; The National Cooperative Inner-City Asthma Study Group
29-Oct-2007The Deep Web, dark matter, metabundles and the broadband elites: Do you need an informaticist?Holden, Gary; Rosenberg, Gary
29-Oct-2007Determining attainment of the EPAS foundation program objectives: Evidence for the use of self-efficacy as an outcomeHolden, Gary; Anastas, Jeane; Meenaghan, Thomas
29-Oct-2007Edith Abbott Was Right: Designing Fieldwork Experiences for Contemporary Health Care PracticeSpitzer, William; Holden, Gary; Cuzzi, Lawrence; Rutter, Steve; Chernack, Peter; Rosenberg, Gary
29-Oct-2007EPAS objectives and foundation practice self-efficacy: A replicationHolden, Gary; Anastas, Jeane; Meenaghan, Thomas
22-Aug-2008The Evaluation Self-Efficacy scaleHolden, Gary; Barker, Kathleen; Rosenberg, Gary; Onghena, Patrick
2-Oct-2007Foundation Practice Self-Efficacy scale (FPSE)Holden Gary; Anastas Jeane; Meenaghan Thomas
2-Oct-2007The Hospital Social Work Self-Efficacy ScaleHolden Gary; Cuzzi Larry; Rutter Steve; Rosenberg Gary; Chernack Peter
1999Hospitalized Children Navigating within a Computer Based Community: Participants’ Perspectives of Starbright WorldBearison David; Holden Gary; Rode Diane; Rosenberg Gary; Fishman Merri
29-Oct-2007Outcomes of social work education: The case for social work self-efficacyHolden, Gary; Meenaghan, Thomas; Anastas, Jeane; Metrey, George
3-Oct-2007Pediatric pain and anxiety: A meta-analysis of outcomes for a behavioral telehealth interventionHolden Gary; Bearison David; Rode Diane; Fishman-Kapiloff Merri; Rosenberg Gary; Onghena Patrick
2-Oct-2007A pilot study of fieldwork rotations vs. year long placements for social work students in a public hospitalCuzzi Lawrence; Holden Gary; Rutter Steve; Rosenberg Gary; Chernack Peter
30-Sep-2007Research Self-Efficacy scaleHolden Gary, Barker Kathleen; Meenaghan Tom, Rosenberg Gary
1-Oct-2007Shallow science or meta-cognitive insights: A few thoughts on bibliometricsHolden Gary; Rosenberg Gary; Barker Kathleen
12-Oct-2007The Social Work Self-Efficacy Scale (SWSE)Holden Gary; Meenaghan Thomas; Anastas Jeane; Metrey George
2-Oct-2007Student self-efficacy as an outcome of social work educationHolden Gary; Anastas Jeane; Meenaghan Thomas
1-Oct-2007Tracing thought through time and space: A selective review of bibliometrics in social workHolden Gary, Rosenberg Gary; Barker Kathleen
1-Oct-2007What happens to our ideas? A bibliometric analysis of articles in Social Work in Health Care in the 1990sRosenberg Gary; Holden Gary; Barker Kathleen