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Macro Finance

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-1999Arbitrage And Viability in Securities Markets With Fixed Trading CostsJouini, Elyes; Kallal, Hedi; Napp, Clotilde
19-Sep-2001Asset Pricing in a Neoclassical Model with Limited ParticipationDai, Qiang
9-Jul-2003Bidder Discounts and Target Premia in TakeoversJovanovic, Boyan; Braguinsky, Serguey
Feb-2003Boyan Jovanovic and Peter L. RousseauJovanovic, Boyan
Nov-2001Business Cycles in Emerging Economies: The Role of Interest RatesNeumeyer, Pablo A.; Perri, Fabrizio
Jul-2003Corporate Governance over the Business CyclePhilippon, Thomas
Jan-2004The Cross-Sectional Implications of Rising Wage Inequality in the United StatesHeathcote, Jonathan; Storeslettenand, Kjetil; Violante, Giovanni L.
9-Aug-2006The Declining Equity Premium: What Role Does Macroeconomic Risk Play?Lettau, Martin; Ludvigson, Sydney C.; Wachter, Jessica A.
Sep-2003Diverging Trends in Macro and Micro Volatility: FactsComin, Diego; Mulani, Sunil
Aug-2002Does Income Inequality Lead to Consumption Inequality? Evidence and TheoryKrueger, Dirk; Perri, Fabrizio
15-Nov-2002Does Mutual Fund Performance Vary over the Business Cycle?Boudry, Walter; Lynch, Anthony W.; Wachter, Jessica
21-Nov-2003Does the Failure of the Expectations Hypothesis Matter for Long-Term Investors?Sangvinatsos, Antonios; Wachter, Jessica
Feb-2004Exclusive Contracts and the Institution of BankruptcyBisin, Alberto; Rampini, Adriano A.
18-Jun-2004Exotic Preferences for MacroeconomistsBackus, David K.; Routledge, Bryan R.; Zin, Stanley E.
18-Sep-2000Expectation Puzzles, Time-varying Risk Premia, and Dynamic Models of the Term StructureDai, Qiang; Singleton, Kenneth
24-May-2004Expected Returns and Expected Dividend GrowthLettau, Martin; Ludvigson, Sydney C.
31-Oct-2002Expected Returns and Expected Dividend GrowthLettau, Martin; Ludvigson, Sydney C.
Oct-2003External Constraints on Monetary Policy and the Financial AcceleratorGertler, Mark; Gilchrist, Simon; Natalucci, Fabio M.
4-Nov-2002The Financial Accelerator in Household Spending: Evidence from International Housing MarketsAlmeida, Heitor; Campello, Murillo; Liu, Crocker
27-Sep-2000Financial Constraints and House Prices—An International PerspectiveAlmeida, Heitor