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Nancy F Regalado Collection

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18-May-2009001. "La Grant Feste: The Account of the 1313 Celebration of the Knighting of the Three Sons of Philip the Faire in the Chronique metrique in BN Ms Fr. 146," with Elizabeth A. R. Brown, in CITY AND SPECTACLE IN MEDIEVAL EUROPE, eds. Barbara Hanawalt and Kay Reyerson. Medieval Studies at Minnesota, 6. U of Minnesota P, 1994, 56-86.Regalado, Nancy Freeman
18-May-2009002. "Universitas et communitas: The Parade of the Parisians at the Pentecost Feast of 1313," with Elizabeth A. R. Brown, in MOVING OBJECTS: PROCESSIONAL PERFORMANCE IN THE MIDDLE AGES AND THE RENAISSANCE, ed. Kathleen Ashley. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2001.Regalado, Nancy Freeman
18-May-2009003. "Staging the Roman de Renart: Medieval Theater and the Diffusion of Political Concerns in Popular Culture," MEDIÆVALIA 18 (1995): 111-42.Regalado, Nancy Freeman
18-May-2009004. "The Chronique métrique and the Moral Design of Paris, BNF MS Fr. 146: Feasts of Good and Evil," in Fauvel Studies: Allegory, Chronicle, Music, and Image in Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, MS français 146, eds. Margaret Bent and Andrew Wathey. Oxford: Oxford U P, 1998, 467-94.Regalado, Nancy Freeman
18-May-2009005. "Kalila et Dimna, liber regius: The Tutorial book of Raymond de Béziers (Paris, BNF MS Lat. 8504)," in SATURA: ESSAYS ON MEDIEVAL SATIRE AND RELIGION IN HONOR OF ROBERT RAYMO, eds. Nancy Reale and Ruth Sternglanz. Donington: Shaun Tyas, 2001, 103-23.Regalado, Nancy Freeman
19-May-2009006. "Le Porcher au Palais: Kalila et Dimna, Le Roman de Fauvel, Machaut, et Boccace," ETUDES LITTÉRAIRES 31 (1999). 119-32.Regalado, Nancy Freeman
18-May-2009007. "Allegories of Power: The Tournament of Vices and Virtues in the Roman de Fauvel of MS BN Fr. 146," GESTA 32/2 (1994):135-46.Regalado, Nancy Freeman
19-May-2009008. "Masques réels dans le monde de l'imaginaire. Le rite et l'écrit dans le charivari du Roman de Fauvel, ms. 146," in MASQUES ET DÉGUISEMENTS AU MOYEN ÂGE, ed. Marie-Louise Ollier. Montréal: Presses de l'Université de Montréal, 1988, 111-26.Regalado, Nancy Freeman
27-May-2009009. Performing Romance: Arthurian Interludes in Sarrasin s LE ROMAN DU HEM (1278), in PERFORMING MEDIEVAL NARRATIVE, ed. E.B. Vitz, N.F. Regalado & M.Lawrence. Oxford: Brewer, 2005, pp.103-19.Regalado, Nancy
18-May-2009010. "Les ailes des chevaliers et l'ordre du MS Douce 308," in LETTRES, MUSIQUE ET SOCIETE EN LORRAINE MEDIEVAL: :LE TOURNOI DE CHAUVENCY (MS OXFORD BODL. DOUCE 308), ed. Mireille Chazan, Nancy Freeman Regalado and Robert Muller (in preparation).Regalado, Nancy Freeman
27-May-2009 011. Picturing the Story of Chivalry in Jacques Bretel s TOURNOI DE CHAUVENCY (Oxford, Bodleian MS Douce 308 [Metz ca. 1312]) in TRIBUTES TO JONATHAN J. G. ALEXANDER, ed. S. L Engle & G. B.Guest. London: Harvey Miller, 2006, pp. 341-52 [on 2 mimed dance performances]Regalado, Nancy
19-May-2009012. "A Contract for a Festival Book: Sarrasin's Le Roman du Hem (1278), in ACTS AND TEXTS: PERFORMANCE AND RITUAL IN THE MIDDLE AGES AND RENAISSANCE, ed. Laurie Postlewate, 8. Ludus, Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2007, pp. 249-65.Regalado, Nancy Freeman
1999Villon's Legacy from the Testamentr of Jean de MeunRegalado, Nancy Freeman