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In CARSWe Trust: How Context-Aware Recommendations Affect Customers’ Trust And Other Business Performance Measures Of Recommender Systems

Authors: Panniello, Umberto
Gorgoglione, Michele
Tuzhilin, Alexander
Issue Date: 5-Oct-2015
Series/Report no.: ;CBA-15-04
Abstract: Most of the work on Context-Aware Recommender Systems (CARSes) has focused on demonstrating that the contextual information leads to more accurate recommendations and on developing efficient recommendation algorithms utilizing this additional contextual information. Little work has been done, however, on studying how much the contextual information affects purchasing behavior and trust of customers. In this paper, we study how including context in recommendations affects customers’ trust, sales and other crucial business-related performance measures. To do this, we performed a live controlled experiment with real customers of a commercial European online publisher. We delivered content-based recommendations and context-aware recommendations to two groups of customers and to a control group. We measured the recommendations’ accuracy and diversification, how much customers spent purchasing products during the experiment, quantity and price of their purchases and the customers’ level of trust. We aim at demonstrating that accuracy and diversification have only limited direct effect on customers’ purchasing behavior, but they affect trust which drives the customer purchasing behavior. We also want to prove that CARSes can increase both recommendations’ accuracy and diversification compared to other recommendation engines. This means that including contextual information in recommendations not only increases accuracy, as was demonstrated in previous studies, but it is crucial for improving trust which, in turn, can affect other business-related performance measures, such as company’s sales.
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