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Center for Business Analytics Working Papers

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Oct-2012Comparing Context-Aware Recommender Systems in Terms of Accuracy and Diversity: Which Contextual Modeling, Pre-filtering and Post-Filtering Methods Perform the BestPanniello, Umberto; Tuzhilin, Alexander; Gorgoglione, Michele
16-Oct-2012Data Science and PredictionDhar, Vasant
27-May-2015Dimensionality Reduction via Matrix Factorization for Predictive Modeling from Large, Sparse Behavioral DataClark, Jessica; Provost, Foster
27-May-2015Enhancing Transparency and Control when Drawing Data-Driven Inferences about IndividualsChen, Daizhuo; Fraiberger, Samuel P.; Moakler, Robert; Provost, Foster
19-Jun-2013Estimating Audience Interest Distribution based on Audience Web BehaviorZhang, Xiaohan; Kiril, Tsemekhman; Provost, Foster
18-Oct-2012Evaluating and Optimizing Online Advertising: Forget the click, but there are good proxiesDalessandro, Brian; Hook, Rod; Perlich, Claudia; Provost, Foster
19-Jun-2013Explaining Data-Driven Document ClassificationsMartens, David; Provost, Foster
19-Jun-2013A Framework for Quality Assurance in CrowdsourcingWang, Jing; Ipeirotis, Panagiotis
5-Oct-2015In CARSWe Trust: How Context-Aware Recommendations Affect Customers’ Trust And Other Business Performance Measures Of Recommender SystemsPanniello, Umberto; Gorgoglione, Michele; Tuzhilin, Alexander
19-Jun-2013Machine learning for targeted display advertising: Transfer learning in actionDalessandro, B; Provost, F; Raeder, T; Perlich, C; Stitelman, O
29-Sep-2016Matrix-Factorization-Based Dimensionality Reduction in the Predictive Modeling Process: A Design Science PerspectiveClark, Jessica; Provost, Foster
19-Jun-2013On Unexpectedness in Recommender Systems: Or How to Better Expect the UnexpectedAdamopoulos, Panagiotis; Tuzhilin, Alexander
8-Oct-2013Probabilistic Neighborhood Selection in Collaborative Filtering SystemsAdamopoulos, Panagiotis; Tuzhilin, Alexander
1-Sep-2015Virtual Power Outage Detection Using Social SensorsBauman, Konstantin; Tuzhilin, Alexander; Zaczynski, Ryan
20-Dec-2013Wallenius Naive BayesJunque de Fortuny, Enric; Martens, David; Provost, Foster
24-Oct-2016Who's Watching TV?Clark, Jessica; Paiement, Jean Francois; Provost, Foster