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Pleiades Datasets

Pleiades is a community-built gazetteer and graph of ancient places. It publishes authoritative information about ancient places and spaces, providing unique services for finding, displaying, and reusing that information under open license. It publishes not just for individual human users, but also for search engines and for the widening array of computational research and visualization tools that support humanities teaching and research.

Pleiades is a continuously published scholarly reference work for the 21st century. We embrace the new paradigm of citizen humanities, encouraging contributions from any knowledgeable person and doing so in a context of pervasive peer review. Pleiades welcomes your contribution, no matter how small, and we have a number of useful tasks suitable for volunteers of every interest.

Regularly updated, abridged exports ("dumps") of the published items in the Pleiades dataset may be downloaded in three different formats as described below. The on-line resources under remain the canonical versions; the contents of the exports are not comprehensive.

This collection contains archival copies of these exports.

Content is governed by the copyrights of the individual contributors responsible for its creation. Some rights are reserved. All content is distributed under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution license (cc-by).

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