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Gibbs 2020 Madrid inv 33185 Baelo Claudia Roofed spherical sundial

Authors: Jones, Alexander
Subject Keywords: Greek astronomy;Greco-Roman time reckoning
Date of digital object: 9-Jun-2019
Date of object depicted: 1st century CE
Technical designation of object: Museo Arqueológico Nacional (Madrid) inv. 33185
Gibbs 2020
Berlin Ancient Sundials ObjID99 Dialface ID 96
Bonnin fiche 307
Winter Baelo Claudia 1
Language: none
Description of particular view: Textured digitial 3D model of entire object except for bottom surface.
File format: Compressed (ZIP) Wavefront OBJ. Each compressed file contains .obj, .mtl, .obj.mtl, and .jpg files.
Technical specifications: Generated by photogrammetry (Agisoft Photoscan Pro 1.2.2) from photographs taken with Nikon D7100, extraneous mesh deleted using MeshLab
Additional description: Dimensions of sundial: width 0.73 m, height 0.83 m, depth 0.60 m
Bibliographic citation: Alexander Jones, "Greco-Roman Sundials: Precision and Displacement." In K. Jackson Miller and S. Symons, eds., Down to the Hour: Short Time in the Ancient Mediterranean and Near East, Leiden: Brill (forthcoming).
Rights: Distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY) license.
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Baelo_Claudia_small.zip8.31 MBZIPView/Open

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