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Ancient Sundials

The purpose of this collection is to archive data relating to ancient sundials, and especially sundials from the Greco-Roman world.

Collection's Items: 1 to 20 of 24

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jul-2019Gibbs 1034 Sir John Soane's Museum inv. M1254 Tor Paterno sphericalJones, Alexander
2019Gibbs 1037G Vatican Cortile Ottagono inv 939 sphericalJones, Alexander
2019Gibbs 1038G Vatican Cortile Ottagono inv 53876 sphericalJones, Alexander
2019Gibbs 1049 Strasbourg Archeological Museum inv 2409 Bettwiller sphericalJones, Alexander
2019Gibbs 1061G Vatican Candelabri inv 2534 Ostia sphericalJones, Alexander
12-Jun-2019Gibbs 1068G Vatican Candelabri inv 2439 Esquiline sphericalJones, Alexander
2019Gibbs 1072G Delos transposed sphericalJones, Alexander
2019Gibbs 2002G Aquileia roofed sphericalJones, Alexander
2019Gibbs 2018G Bologna Museo Civico Archeologico roofed sphericalJones, Alexander
9-Jun-2019Gibbs 2020 Madrid inv 33185 Baelo Claudia Roofed spherical sundialJones, Alexander
2019Gibbs 2021G Vatican Cortile Ottagono inv 53875 roofed sphericalJones, Alexander
2019Gibbs 3001G Athens conicalJones, Alexander
2019Gibbs 3008G Athens Thrasyllos conicalJones, Alexander
2019Gibbs 3015G Athens NAM conicalJones, Alexander
11-Jun-2019Gibbs 3071G Naples inv 2541 Pompeii conicalJones, Alexander
2019Gibbs 3079G Vatican Cortile Ottagono inv 929 conicalJones, Alexander
2019Gibbs 3084G Vatican Cortile Ottagono inv 949 Otricoli conicalJones, Alexander
10-Jun-2019Gibbs 7001G Tinos inv A 139 multiple sundialJones, Alexander
16-Jun-2019Gibbs 7002G Nafplio Prosymna globe sundialJones, Alexander
2019Gibbs 7006G Vatican Cortile Ottagono inv 946 triple cylindricalJones, Alexander