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Gibbs 1068G Vatican Candelabri inv 2439 Esquiline spherical

Authors: Jones, Alexander
Subject Keywords: Greek astronomy;Greco-Roman time reckoning
Date of digital object: 12-Jun-2019
Date of object depicted: 1st century CE
Technical designation of object: Musei Vaticani Galleria dei Candelabri II 90 inv. 2439
Gibbs 1068G
Berlin Ancient Sundials ObjID73 Dialface ID 69
IG III 6179
IG XIV 1307
IGUR 1645
Bonnin fiche 187
Winter Rom 5
Language: grc
Description of particular view: Front (dial), top, and left faces
File format: Compressed (ZIP) Wavefront OBJ. Each compressed file contains .obj, .mtl and/or .obj.mtl, and .jpg files.
Technical specifications: Set A generated by photogrammetry (Agisoft Photoscan Standard 1.4.5) from 59 photographs taken by Alexander Jones with an iPhone 4S and a Nikon D7100. Extraneous mesh deleted using MeshLab. Set B generated by photogrammetry (Agisoft Photoscan Professional 1.4.1) from 55 photographs taken by Alexander Jones with an iPhone 4S and a Nikon D7100 and 12 photographs taken by the Berlin Ancient Sundials Project ( with a Nikon D810. Extraneous mesh deleted using MeshLab.
Additional description: Dimensions of sundial: width 0.51 m, height 0.26 m, depth 0.23 m
Rights: Distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY) license.
Appears in Collections:Ancient Sundials

Files in This Item:
File Description SizeFormat 
Vatican_A_spherical_medium.zipVatican Candelabri spherical A medium16.14 MBZIPView/Open
Vatican_A_spherical_small.zipVatican Candelabri spherical A small6.5 MBZIPView/Open
Vatican_Candelabri_A_large.zipVatican Candelabri spherical A large43.75 MBZIPView/Open
Vatican_Candelabri_B_large.zipVatican Candelabri spherical B large36.69 MBZIPView/Open
Vatican_Candelabri_B_small.zipVatican Candelabri spherical B small9.11 MBZIPView/Open

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