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Alexander Jones' Publications

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991The Adaptation of Babylonian Methods in Greek Numerical Astronomy.Jones, Alexander
1966Al-Biruni NewsletterBruin, Frans
2004An "Almagest" before Ptolemy's?Jones, Alexander
2020The Ancient Ptolemy.Jones, Alexander
2016Another Greek Papyrus Concerning Babylonian Lunar TheoryAish, Seham Diab Almasry; Jones, Alexander
2017The Antikythera Device: A Working Model of the Cosmos.Jones, Alexander
Oct-2019The Antikythera Mechanism (Blog post)Jones, Alexander
2021The Antikythera Mechanism and Astronomical Knowledge: Users and BenefitsBitsakis, Yanis; Jones, Alexander
2012The Antikythera Mechanism and the Public Face of Greek Science.Jones, Alexander
18-Sep-2019The Antikythera Mechanism, the ancient computer that mapped the starsJones, Alexander
2017Approximate Results and Recursive Algorithms in Ptolemy's Astronomy. (preprint)Jones, Alexander
2007Astrologers and their AstronomyJones, Alexander
2012An Astronomical Almanac. (P.Yale CtYBR inv. 3775).Jones, Alexander
1994An Astronomical Ephemeris for A.D. 140: P. Harris I.60Jones, Alexander
2006The Astronomical Inscription from Keskintos, Rhodes.Jones, Alexander
2015The Astronomical Resources for Ancient Astral PrognosticationsJones, Alexander
1999An Astronomical Table Containing Jupiter's Synodic Phenomena.Brashear, William; Jones, Alexander
2008An astronomical table from Medinet Madi (Narmuthis).Jones, Alexander
2007Astronomische und astrologische Kleinigkeiten V: Die Mondephemeride des P. Carlsberg 638.Hoffmann, Friedhelm; Jones, Alexander
2010Astronomische und astrologische Kleinigkeiten VI: Neumonddaten aus dem Jahre 184/185 N. Chr.Hoffmann, Friedhelm; Jones, Alexander