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On Stage, Off Stage (Kadison)

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-Judith Lares, Paula Walter and Luba Kadison in the Vilna Troupe's production of Mark Arnshteyn's Der Vilner Balebesil in Romania, c.1920-
-Leib Kadison, the founder of the Vilna Troupe, in 1918.-
-Luba Kadison and Jacob Ben-Ami in Sholom Asch's Three Cities with The Yiddish Art Theater, 1940 with sets by Sam Leve-
-Luba Kadison as Delilah in S. Lange's Samson and Delilah, Bucharest, 1931.-
-Luba Kadison as Leah in The Dybbuk, Romania, 1931-
-Luba Kadison as Spinoza and Alexander Stein as Uriel Acosta in the Vilna Troupe's production of K. Gutzkow's Uriel Acosta, Bucharest, 1924-
-Maurice Schwartz and Luba Kadison in Sholom Asch's Three Cities with The Yiddish Art Theater, 1940-
-Mordecai Mazo, cofounder of The Vilna Troupe.-
-On tour in Rumania, 1931: A. Sandrow, Luba Kadison, Joseph Buloff, Hannah Kadison, I. Sternberg, Leib Kadison-
-Photograph of actor Joseph Buloff taken in Buenos Aires-
-Poster advertising Joseph Buloff and Shimon Finkel in Gideon, Israel, 1967.-
-Poster announcing Joseph Buloff in I.J. Singer's Brothers Ashkenazi-
-Poster for The Second Avenue Theater, 1933-1934 season starring Celia Adler, Samuel Goldenburg, Joseph Buloff, Fannie Lubritsky, Bina Abramovitch. The next season, Luba Kadison (second row) went on to star in The Organ Grinder, a huge hit for the theater-
-Poster for the Vilna Troupe production of The Rainbow directed by Joseph Buloff and starring Luba Kadison, Leib Kadison,Hannah Kadison, Noah Nakhbush and Leah Noemi.-
-Producer and theater historian Zalmen Zylbercweig with Luba Kadison and Joseph Buloff, Buenos Aires, 1932. Returning to New York, Kadison would star in the hit musical The Organ Grinder-
-Program for Joseph Buloff's production of H. Leivick's Shop, Chicago, 1928.-
-Program for the Vilna Troupe production of Yoshke Musicant: Singer of His Sorrow directed by Joseph Buloff, Bucharest, 1924-
-Program from Joseph Buloff's production of Alter Kacyzne's Ger Tsedek (The Roghteous Convert), St. Louis, 1929-
- Sholom Asch's The Witch of Castille, New York, 1928 with Maurice Schwartz's Yiddish Art Theater. Left to right in cage: Stella Adler, Maurice Schwartz, Joseph Buloff.-
-The memoirs of Joseph Buloff and Luba Kadison were published by Harvard University Press in 1992.-