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On Stage, Off Stage (Kadison)

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-Joseph Buloff (right) and Osip Dymov presenting Yoshke Musicant: The Singer of His Sorrow to Maurice Schwartz, New York, 1927. Schwartz and Buloff's first show together was The Tenth Commandment-
-Joseph Buloff and Luba Kadison in the musical review The Rainbow, New York, 1930.-
-Joseph Buloff and Molly Picon in Sylvia Regan's Morningstar, New York, 1940.-
-Joseph Buloff and Uta Hagen in The Whole World Over, New York, 1947.-
-Joseph Buloff as "Count Mancini" in Andreyev's He Who Gets Slapped, c. 1921-
-Joseph Buloff as "Levi Itshak" in Peretz Hirschbein's Green Fields with the Vilna Troupe, 1920s-
-Joseph Buloff as a thief in Fishel Bimko's Thieves, c. 1921-
-Joseph Buloff as Ben Akiva in Uriel Acosta with the Vilna Troupe, 1920s-
-Joseph Buloff as Gregory Soloman in Arthur Miller's The Price, his last role.-
-Joseph Buloff as Khananye in S. Ansky's Day and Night, c. 1921-
-Joseph Buloff as Tevye, Israel, 1961.-
-Joseph Buloff as the Rabbi in S. Ansky's Dybbuk, Bucharest, 1931.-
-Joseph Buloff as the student in M. Artsybashev's Jealousy, c. 1921-
-Joseph Buloff as Wolf in H. Leivick's Shop, Chicago, 1928-
-Joseph Buloff as Yonadav in S. Asch's Amnon and Tamar, c. 1921-
-Joseph Buloff as Yoshke Musicant in Osip Dimov's Yoshke Musicant: Singer of His Sorrow, Rumania, 1925.-
-Joseph Buloff in A. Faiko's Man with Portfolio, New York, 1928-
-Joseph Buloff in Moliere's The Miser, Chicago, 1929.-
-Joseph Buloff in My Sister Eileen, New York, 1942.-
-Joseph Buloff, Arthur Miller and Luba Kadison back stage after a performance of Death of a Salesman in Yiddish, 1951.-