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Bridge of Light

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-Liebele Waldman in the early 1930s. The American-born, baseball loving "microphone cantor" was featured by Joseph Seiden in half-dozen shorts and as many features.-
-Maurice Schwartz (at left, in costume) directs a scene from Tevye der Milkhiker (U.S.A., 1939), filmed during the summer of 1939 near Jericho, Long Island.-
-Maurice Schwartz (third from right, in costume) directing Tevye at the Underhills', a 130-acre potato farm near Jericho, Long Island, summer 1939.-
-Members of Habima in Leningrad for the filming of Mabl (U.S.S.R., 1927). Top row, from left: Tmime Yudelevich, Zvi Ben-Chaim, Benno Schneider. Middle: Avraham Baratz, David Itkin, Hanna Rovina, Nahum Zemach, Yehoshua Bertunov. Bottom: D. Chechik-Efrati, Ari Warshawer, Nechama Viniar, Raikin Ben-Ari.-
-Menakhem Mendl (Solomon Mikhoels, pointing) and his assistant, Zalmen (Moyshe Goldblatt), supervise the wedding feast in Alexander Granovsky's Jewish Luck (U.S.S.R., 1925).-
-Menakhem Mendl's dream: a shipment of brides bound for America. Jewish Luck-
-Michal Waszynski in the 1930s. The Ukrainian-born Waszynski was thirty-three and Polish cinema's reigning wunderkind when he directed der Dibek in 1937.-
-Misha German, Irving Bruner and Itskhok Grudberg (left) in Joseph Green's A Brivele der Mamen (Poland, 1939)-
-Mishe Oysher (turning toward camera) on location for Dem Khazns Zundl, in Easton, Pensylvania, summer 1937.-
-Modern marriage broker Nathan Gold (Leo Fushs) looks on as irate shadkhonim picket his new-fangled Human Relations Bureau, in Amerkaner Shadkhn.-
-Moishe Oysher and Anna Appel in Yankl der Shmid (U.S.A., 1938). Note the onion-domed Orthodox church in the background: Edgar G. Umer built this "shtetl" on a monastery near Newton, New Jersey, and used it for his subsequent Ukrainuan talkie, Cossacks in Exile.-
-Molly Picon (center) is the "little mother" who looks after her four siblings (including Gertrude Bullman, right) and feckless father in Joseph Green's Mamele (Poland, 1938). Though she had just turned forty, Picon was still playing the teenage gamine.-
-Molly Picon in the streets of Kazimierz in Yidl mitn Fidl Poland, 1936).-
-Molly Picon on the set of the 1929 Vitaphone short A Little Girl with Big Ideas. The actress sang two songs and, althoug she ordinarily spoke unaccented English, here employed a heavy Yiddish accent, sprinkling her dialogue with Yiddish expressions.-
-Molly Piconin East and West-
-Nat (Leo Fuchs) has had more failed engagement that Judith (Judith Abarbanel) has bridesmaids in this publicity shot from Amerikaner Shadkhn (U.S.A., 1940), Edgar G. Ulmer's last Yiddish talkie.-
-Nosn Beker Fort Aheym, final scene: ator a construction site in Magnitogorsk, Tsale (Solomon Mikhoels) instructs Jim (Kador Ben-Salim) in the finer points of his ubiquitous nign.-
-Nosn's American colledge Jim (kador Ben-Salim, left) and his father, Tsale (Solomon Mikhoels, center). The town cantor is suitably impressed: "This is suitably your Nosn from America? how did he get so the earth?"-
-Odessa impresario Grigori Gricher-Cherikover, director of two Soviet adaptations from Sholem Aleichem: Wandering Stars and Through Tears-
-On location, Broken Hearts (U.S.A.,1926). From left: director Maurice Schwartz, star Lila Lee, producer Louis N. Jaffe. The shipboard scenes, depicting the journey of a Russian revolutionary (Schwartz) to America, have been lost.-