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Bridge of Light

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-Irene Wallace as Esther in Sidney Goldin's Bleeding Hearts-
-Irene Wallace as Esther in Sidney Goldin's Bleeding Hearts U.S.A., 1913-
-Irene Wallace, 1914-
-Isaac Babel in the 1920s. Babel wrote the intertitles for Jewish Luck, as well as the scenarios for Benya Krik and Wandaring Stars.-
-Isidore Cashier, center, in Der Yidisher NIgn.-
-J. Hoberman, film critic-
-Jetta Goudal (left) plays a Yiddish journalist in the Famous Players-Lasky production Solome of the Tenements (U.S.A., 1926), which cost $225,000 to make. Elihu Tenenholz, center, acted with the Yiddish Art Theater and appeared in the 1919 film Khavah.-
-Jewish child hiding from the Nazis, in Unzere Kinder (Poland, 1948).-
-Jewish children dance under the sky in the last shot of Mir Kumen On.-
-Jewish klezmorim in the Polish countryside in Yidl mitn Fidl. From left: Leon Liebgold, Molly Picon, Simcha Fostel and Max Bozyk.-
-Jews and Poles together: In di Poylishe Velder.-
-Jews on the land: Isidore Cashier and Max Vodnoy cooperate on the harvest, Helen Baverly and Saul Levine work behinde them, in Grine Felder.-
-Jolson sings Kol Nidre in The Jazz Singer.-
-Joseph green in the mid-1920s. before turning to movies, Green acted with the Vilna Troupe and with Maurice Schwartz's Yiddish Art Theater.-
-Joseph Green's A Brivele der Mamen at the Clinton Theater, 1939-
-Judea Film's twenty-thousand-dollar "special," Di Shtime fun Yisroel (U.S.A., 1930), featured nine khazonim plus the Cantor Meyer Machtenburg Choir.-
-Khaym Kronenberg (Adam Domb, left) and Borekh Mendel Moyshe Lipman, right) pledge the marriage of their unborn children; as disgued Prophet Elijah (Zygmunt Turkow, in basckground)looks on in Tkies Kaf-
-Kheyder scene from Sfinks's Meir Ezofewicz (Poland, 1911), the story of an idealistic young Jew who joins the struggle for Polish freedom-
-Kinor on location in Lodz for Unzere Kinder, autumn 1947. Director Natan Gross is third from the left.-
-Klaynkunst team Szymon Dzigan(left) and Yisroel Schumacher in Freylekhe Kaptsonim (Poland, 1937). This unusually bleak shtetl comedy was written by Dzigan and Schumacher's "discoverer", Moshe Broderszon.-