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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2021How Family Relationships Predict the Effectiveness of a Psychosocial Group Intervention among War-Affected ChildrenPunamäki, Raija-Leena; Peltonen, Kirsi; Diab, Marwan; Qouta, Samir R.
Dec-2021How Do We Know If Teachers Are Well? The Wellbeing Holistic Assessment for Teachers ToolSoares, Fernanda; Menezes Cunha, Nina; Frisoli, Paul
Dec-2021Using a Participatory Approach to Create SEL Programming: The Case of Ahlan SimsimKohn, Shanna; Foulds, Kim; Cole, Charlotte; Matthews, Mackenzie; Hussein, Laila
Dec-2021Book Review: NISSEM Global Briefs: Educating for the Social, the Emotional and the Sustainable edited by Andy Smart, Margaret Sinclair, Aaron Benavot, Jean Bernard, Colette Chabbott, S. Garnett Russell, and James WilliamsRaknes, Solfrid
Dec-2021Commentary: How the Education in Emergencies Field Can Help the United States Respond to COVID-19Winthrop, Rebecca; Hadani, Helen Shwe
Dec-2021Creating a Tool to Measure Children’s Wellbeing: A PSS Intervention in South SudanOlayemi, Moses; Tucker, Melissa; Choul, Mamour; Purekal, Tom; Benitez, Arlene; Wheaton, Wendy; DeBoer, Jennifer
Dec-2021Editorial Note: JEiE Volume 7, Number 2Dybdahl, Ragnhild; Williams, James
Dec-2021Developing the Group Facilitation Assessment of Competencies Tool for Group-Based Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Interventions in Humanitarian and Low-Resource SettingsPedersen, Gloria A.; Sangraula, Manaswi; Shrestha, Pragya; Lakshmin, Pooja; Schafer, Alison; Ghimire, Renasha; Luitel, Nagendra P.; Jordans, Mark J. D.; Kohrt, Brandon A.
Dec-2021Developing a Culturally Relevant Measure of Resilience for War-Affected Adolescents in Eastern UkraineBogdanov, Sergiy; Girnyk, Andriy; Chernobrovkina, Vira; Chernobrovkin, Volodymyr; Vinogradov, Alexander; Harbar, Kateryna; Kovalevskaya, Yuliya; Basenko, Oksana; Ivanyuk, Irina; Hook, Kimberly; Wessells, Mike
Dec-2021Book Review: Can Big Bird Fight Terrorism? Children’s Television and Globalized Multicultural Education by Naomi A. MolandLapham, Kate