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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2017Creating Geotagged Humanities Data via Mobile Phone: Opportunities and ChallengesWrisley, David Joseph; Hawat, Mario; Rahme, Dalal
2016The Different Styles of Christine de Pizan: An Initial Stylometric AnalysisWrisley, David Joseph; Richards, Earl Jeffrey; Dulac, Liliane
2010Espaces de sainteté au xve siècle : Beyrouth, Damas et Tunis vues par Anselme Adorno et Joos Van GhisteleWrisley, David Joseph
Dec-2018Exploring Real and Imaginary Place Names of Medieval French Romance: A Network Visualization ApproachWrisley, David Joseph
2012"Historical Narration and Digression in al-Nuwairī al-Iskandarānī's Kitāb al-Ilmām"Wrisley, David Joseph
Oct-2017Interactive Visual Alignment of Medieval Text VersionsWrisley, David Joseph; Jänicke, Stefan
2013Jean Germain’s Debat du Crestien et du Sarrasin (Paris, BnF fr. 948): Illumination between Multi-Confessional Debate and Anti-ConciliarismWrisley, David Joseph
2018The Literary Geographies of Christine de PizanWrisley, David Joseph
Oct-2017Locating Medieval French, or Why We Collect and Visualize the Geographic Information of TextsWrisley, David Joseph
2007The Loss of Constantinople and Imagining Crusade at the Fifteenth-Century Court of BurgundyWrisley, David Joseph
2013Metafiction Meets Migration: Art from the Archives in Rabee Jaber's AmerikaWrisley, David Joseph
2016Modeling the Transmission of al-Mubashshir Ibn Fātik’s Mukhtār al-Ḥikam in Medieval Europe: Some Initial Data-Driven ExplorationsWrisley, David Joseph
21-Oct-2018Pre-visualizationWrisley, David Joseph
3-Jan-2019Prototyping Across the DisciplinesEl Khatib, Randa; Wrisley, David Joseph; Elbassuoni, Shady; Jaber, Mohamad; El Zini, Julia
2015Spatial Humanities: An Agenda for Pre-Modern ResearchWrisley, David Joseph
Dec-2016TopoText: Interactive Digital Mapping of Literary TextWrisley, David Joseph; El Khatib, Randa; El Zini, Julia; Jaber, Mohamad; Albassuoni, Shady
2018Visualization in the Digital Humanities: Moving Toward Stronger CollaborationsBradley, Adam James; El-Assady, Mennatallah; Coles, Katherine; Alexander, Eric; Chen, Min; Collins, Christopher; Jänicke, Stefan; Wrisley, David Joseph
Dec-2017Visualizing Mouvance: Toward a visual analysis of variant medieval text traditionsWrisley, David Joseph; Jänicke, Stefan
Showing results 1 to 18 of 18