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Automatic Transcription of BnF ms fr 24428 with Transkribus

Authors: Wrisley, David Joseph
Guéville, Estelle
Krawczyk, Iwona
Keywords: Transkribus;Handwritten Text Recognition;medieval manuscripts;artificial intelligence;digital humanities
Issue Date: 13-Jun-2021
Publisher: Zenodo
Citation: Guéville, E., Krawczyk, I., & Wrisley, D. (2021). Automatic Transcription of BnF ms fr 24428 with Transkribus (Version 1.0) [Data set]. Zenodo.
Abstract: In this work, we report on the training of a handwritten text recognition (HTR) model in Transkribus using corrected and normalized crowd transcribed training data from the Image du Monde challenge (8-22 January 2021). Our report is accompanied by data in plain text format.
Rights: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
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Automatic Transcription of BnF ms fr 24428 with Transkribus.pdfWriteup and description2.87 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
BNFfr24428_GT_10Jun21.txtoriginal ground truth463.37 kBTextView/Open
BNFfr24428_GT_23Jan21.txtrevised ground truth114.89 kBTextView/Open
BNFfr24428_Omons2_entiretranscript.txtrevised transcription463.37 kBTextView/Open
BNFfr24428_Omons_entiretranscript.txtoriginal transcription469.64 kBTextView/Open

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