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Album fun Yidishn Teater (Zylbercweig)

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-A group of the first Jewish actors in America: Nadolsky,Friedsel, Nachamkus, Wachtel.-
-A group of Yiddish actors in Romania: (x), Motel Goldring, Friedman (sitting) , Abe Axelrod.-
-A Photograph of Anshel Schorr taken in 1904.-
-A play is being read at the Hopkinson Theater: Sitting- M.Schorr, Chaim Ehrenreich, Z. Libin (The Broken Hearts), J. Burstein, Sholem Perlmutter; Standing- Joseph Brody and Oscar Green.-
-A Poster for Sholom Secunda's play, I would if I could, featuring the hit song 'Bay Mir Bist Du Shayn.' Photos from left are Secunda, actor Aaron Lebedev and actress Lucy Levin-
-A poster in Buenos Aires advertising Joseph Buloff and Luba Kadison in the comedy The Kibitser-
-A remarkable photograph of celebrities of the past: from right-Jacob Adler, Sigmund Feinman, Sigmund Mogulesko, Rudolph Marx, Mr. Krastoshinsky and David Kessler-
-A scene from Joseph Lateiner's The Dybbuk (performed in Odessa in 1884) with Sigmund Mogulesko as "Grandmother Eve" and Sabina Lakser as the Angel-
-A scene from Osip Dymov's comedy His Last Sweetheart, with Osip Dymov, Joseph Greenberg, Vera Lebedev and Rudolph Schildkraut-
-A scene from the Shomer-Shaikevitch play, The Collection Agent, performed in Odessa in 1876. The actors from left are Sigmund Mogulesko as the female, Aba Shengold and Edward Margules.-
-A scene in the palace of the Roman governor Turnus Rufus in Jerusalem (produced in Polish in Lodz, 1933)-
-Aaron Lebedev and Leon Blank in The Great Miracle by A. Bloom-
-Aaron Lebedev in the title role of The Lithuanian Yankee by Isidore Lash-
-Aaron Lebedev in title role of Mendel In Japan by Israel Rosenberg-
-Aaron Rosenbloom and his family (their daughter the future Liza Zilbert is standing and another daughter the future Rebecca Lash is sitting), Romania-
-Aba Kompaneyets in the title role of Goldfadn's The Witch-
-Abe Cogut (first one from left standing) and his family-
-Abe Ellstein as young cantor.-
-Abe Sinkoff in Models of Love by L. Freiman-
-Abe Sinkoff with his wife Frances and their son, the lawyer Laurence Sinkoff-