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Bei Mir bist Du Schon. The life of Sholom Secunda

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Abraham Secunda-
-Anna Secunda-
-Betty Almer, 1926-
-Betty and Shalom on their wedding day, Oct. 25, 1927-
-"Bey Mir Bist Du Scon" rights revert to Sholom Secunda, 1961. left to right: William Starr (Harms Music), Sholom, Betty-
-Celia Adler and Sholom, Philadelphia, 1923-
-Clockwise from top: Jacob Kalich, Lily Liliana, Sholom Secunda, Molly Picon, at Workman's Circle, Hopewell Junction, New York, 1941.-
-Clockwise from upper right: Abraham, Meyer, Sholom, Jack, Joe, Aaron, Willie. In Russia, 1901-
-Eddie Cantor radio program, 1938. Front row, left to right: Bert Gordon, Eddie Cantor, Bobby Breen, Deanna Durbin, Gloria Swanson, Stanley Field, Sholom, Fifi, Jacques Reynard, conducting-
-Family seder, Brooklyn, 1927. Seated, left to right: Shirley Davis (son Stanley on lap), Jack Secunda, Anna Secunda, Abraham Secunda, Anna Secunda (daughter Florence on lap), Frieda Secunda (daughter Roslyn on lap), Meyer (son Ezra on lap). Standing, left to right: Louis Davis, unidentified woman, Sholom Secunda, Aaron Secunda, Willie Secunda-
-Flyer promoting Sholom, the little cantor, on Lower East Side in 1909-
-Fort Lee Movie Studio Musical, 1930 Sholom seated front on floor-
-Fort Lee Movie Studio Musical, 1930. Sholom seated front on floor A scene from "Iwould If I Could," starring Aaron Lebedeff, seated center on stump: Sholom's sister-in-law, Lottie Weintrop, second from left; his brother, Willie, to right of Lebedeff. The score of this musical featured "Bei Mir Bist Du Schon," 1932-
-Michel Michalesko, Hymie Jacobson, Aaron Lebedeff-
-Patty, La Verne, Maxene Andrews with Sholom in Chicago, 1938-
-Rappoport Studios-
-Richard Tucker, Sholom Secunda and Joseph Garnett at recording rehearsal-
-"Senorita" cast at Rolland Theater in Brooklyn, 1929. Sholom is fifth from left, front row-
-Shelly, Sholom, Betty and Gene, 1939-
-Sholom and Pablo Casals, Puerto Rico, 1967-