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Volume 7, Number 1 (ENGLISH)

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2021Accessible Strategies to Support Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing in Emergencies: Experience from the Rohingya Refugee CampMansur, Samier
Jun-2021Book Review: Collaborative Cross-Cultural Research Methodologies in Early Care and Education Contexts by Samara Madrid Akpovo, Mary Jane Moran, Robyn BrookshireDowd, Amy Jo
Jun-2021Book Review: Early Childhood Development in Humanitarian Crises: South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda by Sweta ShahSchwartz, Kate
Jun-2021BRAC Humanitarian Play Lab Model: Promoting Healing, Learning and Development for Displaced Rohingya ChildrenMariam, Erum; Ahmad, Jahanara; Sarah Sarwar, Sarwat
Jun-2021Building Resilience and Mitigating the Impact of Toxic Stress in Young Children: A Model for Transforming Parenting and Male Caregiving in El SalvadorLara, Fabiola A.
Jun-2021Commentary: Children with Developmental Disorders in Humanitarian Settings: A Call for Evidence and ActionHunt, Xanthe; Betancourt, Theresa; Pacione, Laura; Elsabbagh, Mayada; Servili, Chiara
Jun-2021Commentary: Newborns in Fragile and Humanitarian Settings: A Multi-Agency Partnership RoadmapBellizzi, Saverio; McDougall, Lori; Manji, Sheila; Lincetto, Ornella
Jun-2021Commentary: Supporting Maternal Mental Health and Nurturing Care in Humanitarian SettingsDaelmans, Bernadette; Mahalakshmi, Nair; Hanna, Fahmy; Lincetto, Ornella; Dua, Tarun; Hunt, Xanthe
Jun-2021Early Childhood Development in the Aftermath of the 2016 Wildfires in Alberta, CanadaL. Drolet, Julie; McDonald-Harker, Caroline; Lalani, Nasreen; McGreer, Sarah; R. G. Brown, Matthew; H. Silverstone, Peter
Jun-2021Editorial Note: JEIE Volume 7, Number 1Shah, Sweta; Lombardi, Joan
Jun-2021Effects of Two Early Childhood Interventions on the Developmental Outcomes of Children in Post-Earthquake NepalSeiden, Jonathan; Kunz, Valeria; Dang, Sara; Sharma, Matrika; Gyawali, Sagar
Jun-2021Home Visiting in the Middle East: Reflections on the Implementation of Reach Up and LearnSwing Wilton, Katelin; Vachon, Aimée; Maeve Murphy, Katie; Al Aqra, Ayat; Ensour, Abdullah; Ibrahim, Iman; Tahhan, Anas; Hoyer, Kayla; Powell, Christine
Jun-2021Implementing a Humanitarian Needs Assessment Framework for Early Childhood Development: Informing Intervention Design for Displaced Rohingya Communities in BangladeshFoulds, Kim; Khan, Naureen; Subramanian, Sneha; Haque, Ashraful
Jun-2021Journal on Education in Emergencies: Volume 7, Issue 1 (Complete)Ahmad, Jahanara; Al Aqra, Ayat; Bellizzi, Saverio; Betancourt, Theresa; Brown, Matthew R. G.; Daelmans, Bernadette; Dang, Sara; Dowd, Amy Jo; Drolet, Julie L.; Dua, Tarun; Elsabbagh, Mayada; Foulds, Kim; Gyawali, Sagar; Hanna, Fahmy; Haque, Ashraful; Hoyer, Kayla; Hunt, Xanthe; Ibrahim, Iman; Khan, Naureen; Kunz, Valeria; Lalani, Nasreen; Lincetto, Ornella; Lombardi, Joan; Manji, Sheila; Mansur, Samier; Mariam, Erum; McDonald-Harker, Caroline; McDougall, Lori; McGreer, Sarah; Murphy, Katie Maeve; Nair, Mahalakshmi; Pacione, Laura; Powell, Christine; Sarwar, Sarwat Sarah; Schwartz, Kate; Seiden, Jonathan; Servili, Chiara; Shah, Sweta; Sharma, Matrika; Silverstone, Peter H.; Subramanian, Sneha; Tahhan, Anas; Vachon, Aimée; Wilton, Katelin Swing