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Excavations at Trimithis (mod. Amheida), 2023 field season: Preliminary Report (Arabic)

Authors: Ratzan, David
Barakat, Ashraf
Keywords: Ancient Egypt, Roman Egypt, Late Antique Egypt, Amheida, Trimithis, Archaeology, Early Christianity, Dakhla Oasis, Church architecture
Issue Date: Feb-2023
Abstract: [Arabic version] Preliminary report of the 2023 field season at Amheida (ancient Trimithis). Field work took place in three areas, Area 2.3 (Church B7), Area 8.1 (a large house B10), and Area 11 (an area of the settlement in the west of the Amheida archaeological site). In addition to the excavation and survey work, a team from C.P.T studio S.R.L. captured image data of the replica of the House of Serenos in order to construct various virtual models of the structure (see Scanning report, below). The excavation of church B7 revealed 13 burials, making a total of 17 recorded burials in the church complex between this season and the four burials excavated in 2012 and 2013. Accordingly, a considerable achievement of this season was the recording and preliminary analysis of the individuals buried in the church and its crypt.
Rights: CC BY 4.0
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