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The Evaluation Self-Efficacy scale

Authors: Holden, Gary
Barker, Kathleen
Rosenberg, Gary
Onghena, Patrick
Keywords: self-efficacy;evaluation;Social Cognitive Theory;Bandura
Issue Date: 22-Aug-2008
Abstract: The Evaluation Self-Efficacy Scale(ESE)was developed as an outcomes assessment instrument for social work courses focusing on evaluation. In the two studies on the scale to date, the results regarding its psychometric properties have been encouraging.
Rights: References: Holden, G., Barker, K., Rosenberg, G., & Onghena, P. (2008). The Evaluation Self-Efficacy Scale: A replication. Research on Social Work Practice, 18, 42-46. Holden, G., Barker, K., Rosenberg, G., & Onghena, P. (2007). Assessing progress towards accreditation related objectives: Evidence regarding the use of self-efficacy as an outcome in the advanced concentration research curriculum. Research on Social Work Practice, 17, 456-465. Please contact for permission and instructions re: use.
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