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Volume 5, Number 1

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2019Access to Higher Education: Reflections on a Participatory Design Process with RefugeesAbu-Amsha, Oula; Gordon, Rebecca; Benton, Laura; Vasalou, Mina; Webster, Ben
Dec-2019Asking “Why” and “How”: A Historical Turn in Refugee Education ResearchMonaghan, Christine
Dec-2019Book Review: Developing Community-Referenced Curricula for Marginalized Communities by David BaineNdirangu, Caroline
Dec-2019Book Review: International Perspectives on Teaching Rival Histories: Pedagogical Responses to Contested Narratives and the History Wars edited by Henrik Åström Elmersjö, Anna Clark, and Monika VinterekHutchins, Rachel
Dec-2019Book Review: Muslims, Schooling and Security: Trojan Horse, Prevent and Racial Politics by Shamim MiahO’Donnell, Aislinn
Dec-2019Bureaucratic Encounters and the Quest for Educational Access among Colombian Refugees in EcuadorRodríguez-Gómez, Diana
Dec-2019Editorial Note: JEiE Volume 5Dryden-Peterson, Sarah; Kelcey, Jo; Russell, S. Garnett
Dec-2019“Incredibly Difficult, Tragically Needed, and Absorbingly Interesting”: Lessons from the AFSC School Program for Palestinian Refugees in Gaza, 1949 to 1950Kelcey, Jo
Dec-2019Journal on Education in Emergencies: Volume 5 (Complete)Burde, Dana
Dec-2019Journal on Education in Emergencies: Volume 5, Issue 1 (Complete)Abu-Amsha, Oula; Adelman, Elizabeth; Benton, Laura; Dalrymple, Kelsey; Gomez, Sonia; Gordon, Rebecca; Guven, Ozen; Kelcey, Jo; Mendenhall, Mary; Monaghan, Christine; Rodríguez-Gómez, Diana; Varni, Emily; Vasalou, Mina; Webster, Ben; O’Donnell, Aislinn; Hutchins, Rachel; Ndirangu, Caroline
Dec-2019Mindful Learning: Early Childhood Care and Development for Refugee Children in TanzaniaDalrymple, Kelsey
Dec-2019Teachers in Forced Displacement Contexts: Persistent Challenges and Promising Practices in Teacher Supply, Quality, and Well-BeingMendenhall, Mary; Gomez, Sonia; Varni, Emily; Guven, Ozen
Dec-2019When the Personal Becomes the Professional: Exploring the Lived Experiences of Syrian Refugee EducatorsAdelman, Elizabeth