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David Wrisley's Collection

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jan-2020Abu Dhabi Calling!: A Pilot Investigation of Spatial Patterns in Phone DirectoriesMirza, Muhammad Wajahat; Wrisley, David Joseph
20-Mar-2020Automated Alignment of Medieval Text Versions based on Word EmbeddingsMeinecke, Christofer; Wrisley, David Joseph; Jänicke, Stefan
2022Automated Transcription of Non-Latin Script Periodicals: A Case Study in the Ottoman Turkish Print ArchiveKirmizilatin, Suphan; Wrisley, David Joseph
13-Jun-2021Automatic Transcription of BnF ms fr 24428 with TranskribusWrisley, David Joseph; Guéville, Estelle; Krawczyk, Iwona
Sep-2017Creating Geotagged Humanities Data via Mobile Phone: Opportunities and ChallengesWrisley, David Joseph; Hawat, Mario; Rahme, Dalal
Apr-2022Creating New Audiences for Digital Objects Through University-Museum CollborationWrisley, David Joseph; Guéville, Estelle; Cappelletto, Niccolò Acram
2016The Different Styles of Christine de Pizan: An Initial Stylometric AnalysisWrisley, David Joseph; Richards, Earl Jeffrey; Dulac, Liliane
17-Dec-2020Digital humanities practices and archival appraisal in the contemporary Arab worldBrad, Bauer; Wrisley, David Joseph
2-Mar-2020Digital Spatial Practices and Linguistic Landscaping in BeirutWrisley, David Joseph
31-Oct-2019Enacting Open Scholarship in Transnational ContextsWrisley, David Joseph
2010Espaces de sainteté au xve siècle : Beyrouth, Damas et Tunis vues par Anselme Adorno et Joos Van GhisteleWrisley, David Joseph
Dec-2018Exploring Real and Imaginary Place Names of Medieval French Romance: A Network Visualization ApproachWrisley, David Joseph
23-Sep-2021Finding Culture in Data Preparation: Interdisciplinarity and the Phone BookWrisley, David Joseph; Ampofo, Prince; Mirza, Muhammad Wajahat
Mar-2022Fine Tuning NER with spaCy for Transliterated Entities Found in Digital Collections From the Multilingual Arabian/Persian GulfKapan, Almazhan; Kirmizialtin, Suphan; Kukreja, Rhythm; Wrisley, David Joseph
2012"Historical Narration and Digression in al-Nuwairī al-Iskandarānī's Kitāb al-Ilmām"Wrisley, David Joseph
Oct-2017Interactive Visual Alignment of Medieval Text VersionsWrisley, David Joseph; Jänicke, Stefan
2013Jean Germain’s Debat du Crestien et du Sarrasin (Paris, BnF fr. 948): Illumination between Multi-Confessional Debate and Anti-ConciliarismWrisley, David Joseph
2018The Literary Geographies of Christine de PizanWrisley, David Joseph
Oct-2017Locating Medieval French, or Why We Collect and Visualize the Geographic Information of TextsWrisley, David Joseph
2007The Loss of Constantinople and Imagining Crusade at the Fifteenth-Century Court of BurgundyWrisley, David Joseph