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Volume 5, Number 2

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2020Are Refugee Children Learning? Early Grade Literacy in a Refugee Camp in KenyaPiper, Benjamin; Dryden-Peterson, Sarah; Chopra, Vidur; Reddick, Celia; Oyanga, Arbogast
Mar-2020Book Review: "Global Education Monitoring Report 2019: Migration, Displacement and Education—Building Bridges, Not Walls" by the Global Education Monitoring Report TeamMulimbi, Bethany
Mar-2020Book Review: Just Violence: Torture and Human Rights in the Eyes of the Police by Rachel WahlPrakash, Amit
Mar-2020Book Review: Peace Education: International Perspectives edited by Monisha Bajaj and Maria HantzopoulosChatila, Samira
Mar-2020Editorial Note: JEiE Volume 5, Number 2Dryden-Peterson, Sarah; Kelcey, Jo; Russell, S. Garnett
Mar-2020Educators for Change: Supporting the Transformative Role of Teachers in Contexts of Mass DisplacementPherali, Tejendra; Abu Moghli, Mai; Chase, Elaine
Mar-2020The Emerging Role of Corporate Actors as Policymakers in Education in Emergencies: Evidence from the Syria Refugee CrisisZakharia, Zeena; Menashy, Francine
Mar-2020Exploring the Enforceability of Refugees’ Right to Education: A Comparative Analysis of Human Rights TreatiesHorsch Carsley, Sarah; Russell, S. Garnett
Mar-2020Journal on Education in Emergencies: Volume 5, Number 2 (Complete)Dryden-Peterson, Sarah; Kelcey, Jo; Russell, S. Garnett; Horsch Carsley, Sarah; Piper, Benjamin; Chopra, Vidur; Reddick, Celia; Oyanga, Arbogast; Cha, Jihae; Pherali, Tejendra; Abu Moghli, Mai; Chase, Elaine; Zakharia, Zeena; Menashy, Francine; Mulimbi, Bethany; Chatila, Samira; Prakash, Amit
Mar-2020Refugee Students’ Academic Motivation in Displacement: The Case of Kakuma Refugee CampCha, Jihae